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90 Minute Fire Rated Cabinets are designed to protect the chemicals inside and allow emergency services plenty of time to attend and help staff and visitors to vacate the premises. The fire resistant cabinets comply, and have been tested to EN 14470-1


Gas Cylinder Cages Hazardous Storage in mobile and static versions for the safe and secure storage of gas cylinders. Available painted or galvanised and complete with appropriate warning signs so that they can be used immediately.

GCC12G gas cylinder cage

New diesel cars use AdBlue to lower harmful exhaust gas emissions and fleet operators, Agricultural sites and companies may find having their own AdBlue Storage and Dispensing solutions a benefit in time and costs.

bluemaster adblue storage dispensers

A variety of storage options for gas cylinders all finished in Red RAL 3020 including full enclosures and brackets.

Model E-GCS30: For the safe storage of Gas Cylinders


We have three sizes of economical Budget walk-in chemical storage stores suitable for the storage of oils, paints, solvents and lubricants with compliance to legislation regarding the bunded storage of any spills. Bund capacities are 415, 560 and 727 litres. We can also supply bespoke sizes should you need something different.

secure walk in steel store

gas bottle storage delivered quickly from stock

A complete range of bolt-together storage cages. With Eleven different sizes of cages listed below and complete with the correct signage. Constructed using 30 mm box section, the cages are strong and protect the gas bottles and a variety of equipment from being tampered with or stolen. For easy delivery, these are flat-packed gas bottle cages and they come complete with all fixings to build the unit. Also used as economic security cages when bolted down.

Gorilla Gas cylinder storage cage

Safe storage of oils with leaks from the inner tank safely stored in the internal bund and the tanks can be fitted with a monitoring alarm in case of leaks from the main tank.


Welded construction in 0.9mm thick steel designed to maintain integrity for 30 minute fire rating. Supplied with adjustable spillage trays and liquid tight sump tray. Doors are rebated and secured by chrome 3 way locking handle. Powder coated finish in dark grey with appropriate warning labels.

grey flammable storage cabinets

Comprehensive range of COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) cabinets for the safe storage and segregation of substances that are labelled as being hazardous to health, for example Toxic or Irritant. Based on employers carrying out mandatory risk assessments COSHH cabinets can aid as a precaution, control and maintenance of control elements of the COSHH Regulations 2002. Welded construction from 0.9mm thick steel with reinforced rebated door(s). Secured by 3 way chrome lever locking handle.

COSHH cabinets

Hazardous Storage Units forCOSHH regulations. COSHH regulations require the safe storage of hazardous chemicals and nearly every company uses products that need to be safely stored.  The COSHH cabinets detailed here are available in 4 different sizes allowing you to tailor the storage capacity to suit your particular requirements. 

Hazardous Storage Units

Safe storage of gas cylinders with retaining chain to stop gas cylinders moving whilst in transit. Choice of permanent fixed steel base or with a pallet base as shown in the image below.
Cylinder Storage Lockable Cages

Welded construction in 2mm steel plate with sealed base drainage boss. Reinforced doors mounted on pin hinge, secured by mortise lock. Shelves are adjustable. Finished powder coated red with appropriate warning labels.

heavy duty safety cabinet

Drum storage units are designed for the prevention of environmental pollution and hazardous situations occurring by way of accidental spills. Constructed from 2mm profiled mild steel sheet over 100mm x 50mm x 3mm RHS with a fully welded leakproof sump over the entire base area. The units come with removable galvanised grid shelving, grid flooring and high / low level flame arrested vents. Enclosed by sliding doors to be secured by padlock (not supplied).

exterior drum storage unit

Heavy Duty Security Cages

Mobile and static security cages with a UDL of 500kg. Supplied painted yellow or galvanised silver.  The security cages also have lifting eyes so that they can be easily moved by crane or hoist.  All of the security cages listed below are load tested and ideal for the storage of hazardous materials such as gas bottles and valuables such as evidence lockers for the security forces.

heavy duty security cages

Agrochemical and Pesticide Chemical Storage Cabinets, suitable for the farming industry are fully manufactured using welded construction techniques in 0.9 mm thick Zintec steel (Corrosion resistant) with additional ventilated doors. Supplied with adjustable spillage trays and liquid tight sump tray. Doors are rebated and secured by chrome 3 way locking handles. High visibility powder coated finish with appropriate warning labels.

agrochemical and pesticide cabinets

Heavy Duty Storage Units suitable for Flammable Liquids and designed to comply with the Flammable Liquid Storage Regulations (1972) as appropriate and Health and Safety Guidance notes HSG51 and CS19

hazardous storage options

Welded construction in 0.9mm thick steel designed to maintain integrity for 30 minute fire rating. Supplied with adjustable spillage trays and liquid tight sump tray. Doors are rebated and secured by chrome locking handle. High visibility powder coated finish with appropriate warning label.

flammable storage cabinets

The regulations covering the movement of hazardous materials by road, including fuels, come under the international ADR rules. These govern how containers are made and approved, as well as who may transport them and how. Generally, up to 1000 litres of diesel or petrol may be transported in an approved container without the driver possessing a specific ADR licence.

cemo new mobile refueling products

Enclosed drum stores for the storage of standard 44 Gallon, 205 litres drums. Many companies are ordering liquids in bulk to help safe money on transportation and to achieve better prices. A drum store can easily pay for itself in savings and offers a long term storage solution. Our drum stores are bunded so that any spills are collected in the base rather than affecting the ecosystem.

Model f3111521 drum store green

Lightweight plastic gas cylinder trolleys in single and double versions allow the easy movement of gas cylinders up to 305 mm in Diameter (almost 1 Foot) over all sorts of terrain and a special all terrain model is also available. Manufactured in the USA.


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